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At RR Etiquetas, we know that each market sector requires unique solutions to meet the demands of their business. We have therefore directed our efforts to research, development, and quality in order to offer the best and most modern labels, tag solutions, self-adhesives, thermal paper reels, and ribbons. We give the same dedication to select raw materials, choose adhesives, and assistance provided to our customers.




Designed for the identification and decoration of substrates and packaging used in a range of market sectors.

Application: retail, industry, and services.
Retail: supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, and department stores.

Industry: chemicals, petrochemicals, steel, refrigerated goods, food, cars, beverages, pharmaceuticals and electronics.

Services: hospitals and maternity, clinical laboratories, drug distributors, airlines, logistics companies, goods handling and storage companies, and ticket distributors.
Materials: coated paper and BOPP or PET film.
Adhesive: acrylic and hot melt.
Graphic printing process:  by flexography, a technique that uses fast-drying water-based, solvent or cured by UV light or electron beam liquid inks. One of its key features is the flexibility to print on different substrates.