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At RR Etiquetas, we know that each market sector requires unique solutions to meet the demands of their business. We have therefore directed our efforts to research, development, and quality in order to offer the best and most modern labels, tag solutions, self-adhesives, thermal paper reels, and ribbons. We give the same dedication to select raw materials, choose adhesives, and assistance provided to our customers.




Used to identify the product name, quantity, weight, barcode, size, color, description, recipe, and origin.

Application: shoes, clothing, bed, bath and table linen, and bags for fruit and vegetables.

Material: produced in self-adhesive coated paper, thermal transfer, thermosensitive, fluorescent, and a range of of synthetic materials - BOPP, polyester, tyvek. Also available in a variety of weights and strengths.

Adhesive: normally non-adhesive, but can be produced in self-adhesive for specific applications.

Application Method: manual or by automatic packing machines.


Textile TAG

  • Textile TAG
  • Textile TAG
Intended for identification and control of industrial processes in textile mills, clothing manufacturers, dry cleaners, clothing stores, shoes, and bed, bath and table linen. Application: plastic, fabric, paper, and cardboard.

Steel TAG

Steel TAG
Used for identification of steel mill processes, laminating materials, wiredrawing, and cutting and bending processes.
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