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At RR Etiquetas, we know that each market sector requires unique solutions to meet the demands of their business. We have therefore directed our efforts to research, development, and quality in order to offer the best and most modern labels, tag solutions, self-adhesives, thermal paper reels, and ribbons. We give the same dedication to select raw materials, choose adhesives, and assistance provided to our customers.




TTR (Thermal Transfer Ribbons), or simply ribbons, are plastic films coated with wax, resin or both (wax/resin) used for printing barcodes and other information in thermal printers.

Application: wax ribbon may be used for identification solutions that do not require high resistance. Resin ribbon is suitable for solutions that are sensitive to temperature changes, exposure to friction or abrasion, and whose identification needs to last for a long period. Wax/resin ribbon is designed for solutions that require a high resistance.

Print quality: this element depends on a number of variables, such as the surface to be printed on, the printer type, and the purpose of the identification.

Incorrect use causes printing problems and affects printer operation, increasing the cost of equipment maintenance due to constant replacement of the thermal print head.

Points to consider:  to evaluate whether the ribbon is suitable for the intended application, make sure it works at lower temperatures at print head with higher speed, which is the ideal performance setting.

Compatibility: may be used in printers made by Zebra, Datamax, Eltron, Argox, Intermec, Avery, Sato, Tec Toshiba, Printronix, and others.


Wax Ribbon

Wax Ribbon
Wax thermal transfer ribbons offer good coverage on self-adhesive paper, reducing the energy used by the printer's thermal head, extending its life and providing excellent print quality at high speeds.

Premium Wax Ribbon

Premium Wax Ribbon
Premium wax thermal transfer ribbons have a backcoat and use more resin.
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