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Our extensive experience allows us to fully understanding the adhesive requirements of every market sector that uses labels and tags. We have developed specific solutions for every application, whether for packaging identification and design or for variable information such as barcodes, weight, and nutritional data.

The quality of RR ETIQUETAS products is ensured throughout the production chain, from the selection of raw materials, through finishing to technical assistance. In addition to this, we have our own laboratories for developing and testing new products, which only reinforces our efforts to give you the very best.


Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare ProductsPharmaceutical and healthcare products are strictly regulated by various authorities, and their applications are therefore very complex and demanding. The controls implemented to protect consumers require that all labels use non-toxic materials, and when in contact with the products, do not change its structure. RR ETIQUETAS has a vast array of materials that meet the requirements of this market, from self-adhesives for small diameters such as test tubes and medicine bottles, to materials for patient ID bracelets and badges, as well as labels suitable for refrigeration. 

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